Used Fanuc robotic cells

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Used Fanuc welding robotic cell

Used Fanuc welding robotic cell



Technical Specifications

  • • Used Fanuc welding robotic cell, tested;
    • Robot model Arc Mate 100-iB;
    • payload robot 6 Kg;
    • h-reach robot 1373 mm;
    • control unit RJ3;
    • warranty.



  • • positioner handled by Brushless motor with a double lathe, a working space of 1600 mm and a rotable of 1000     mm. The payload is about 500 Kg each side;
    • Kempii welding generator , KempoMig feed 400 with wire feeder;
    • torch group with water cooling in closed circuit mode;
    • cleaner and spray group for welding torch;
    • bullseye group;
    • start-stop-emergency panel for operator.


  • Robotic Welding System and Controller.

Our used welding robotic cell employs a Fanuc robot from the ArcMate 100iB series, well-known for its reliability and precision. The model in use is the 100iB, featuring a wrist load capacity of 6 Kg and a working radius of 1373 mm. This robot offers a wide range of movements and flexibility: with 6 standard motion axes and 2 external ones, the robot can perform complex welds with great accuracy. Lastly, the robot control is managed through the RJ3-iB unit, ensuring intuitive and precise control of welding operations.

  • Positioner.

The Fanuc robotic cell used for welding is equipped with a rotary table positioner with dual turntables controlled by Brushless electric motors. This configuration allows for dual-turn mode, with a maximum clearance of 1600 mm and a rotatable diameter of 1000 mm, ensuring great versatility and adaptability. Additionally, to ensure weld quality, a torch cleaning and nebulizing group are included, along with a water-cooled torch equipped with a closed-loop cooling system, ensuring optimal operation even in demanding working conditions. Finally, the torch support features electronic anti-collision tilt, aiming to protect the torch and the robot from damages in case of accidental contact.

  • Welding.

For welding, a Kempii welding generator model KempoMig feed 400 is included, complete with wire feeder, a comprehensive kit that offers high performance and reliability in the welding process. A heat exchanger system with water storage tank is included for torch cooling, allowing to maintain optimal temperatures and prolonging the lifespan of tools. Operator safety is particularly relevant and prioritized in plant design, hence a pair of safety electronic barriers are present, along with a series of metal barriers, rendering the work environment safe and compliant with standards. Finally, for manual control of operations, a start-stop-emergency push-button station is included for the operator, enabling immediate control of operations.

  • Performance.

Additional technical specifications include a maximum robot movement speed of X meters per minute, a positioning resolution of Y millimeters, and a repeatability accuracy of Z millimeters. Moreover, the user interface of the RJ3-iB control unit offers a full range of programming and diagnostic functionalities, thus facilitating configuration and monitoring of the welding process.

  • Documentation.

This used Fanuc robotic cell comes complete with connection cables and CE certification, ensuring regulatory compliance and ease of use. Additionally, all necessary documentation is included, providing the operator with all the necessary information for safe and efficient use of the welding system.

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