Specialized companies are born to sell on line decomissioned robots from other big companies.

Waiting for more new generational robots to arrive, the old robots can end their career in small and middle companies after a mechanical and informatic refurbishment. These refurbished robots don’t retire because they are again performers thanks to a careful retrofit.
A trovare loro un nuovo lavoro sono imprese specializzate che stanno emergendo nella filiera dell’automazione industriale e si rivelano molto attente allo sviluppo di questo nuovo business.
Erregi 2 Industriale srl di Padova (Caselle di Selvazzano, Padova, Italy), is the first company that start this business with more than 20 years of experience in the realization of special machine and robotic plants for handling, assembling and welding. The web sites “www.robotusati.it” and “www.isolarobotusata.it” present this new activity to present and sell hundreds refurbished robots.
“In stock are available over than 800 refurbished robots ready to be customized ” has explained Graziano Roncon, founder of the initiative and CEO of the Company Erregi 2 Industriale that started to deal special machines in 90’s. Brands are from prestigius mother companies and all robots can be customized for many different applications as machine tool enslavement, molding presses, turning and milling centre,palletization, mounting and packaging.
These used robots are dismitted from European companies but also from Extra European countries. “In Italy at the moment we are only two company following this new business and we collaborate closely” said Roncon, the first ideator of this part of business free from the mother house of the robots. “We have a space of 16 thousand square meters for our used robots branded Fanuc, Comau, Abb, Motoman e Kuka. Ou target are small companies that decide to save money because new robotic cells with all its component are too much expensive and this cost has a heavy impact in the business economy”.
The website www.robotusati.it shows all available used and refurbished robots that can be customized by Erregi 2 Industriale and the achieved results are too much encouraging. Actually the company invoices about 7 millions euro a year with 12 employees and relocates over 120 a year in Italy and abroad next to the programmed robotic stations.
“In this way who decide to automate with used robots saves money until 70% of the cost of each automatic robotic station” has explained Roncon. “In the world there aren’t too much competitors, i know one in Germany and three in USA, so i expect to export my business that actually is near to the 45%”.