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Anthropomorphic KUKA KR-6 robot

with welding Fronius generator



Robot Specifications:

• Used anthropomorphic KUKA KR-6 robot, tested.
• KR-6 robot
• 6 interpolated axes
• KRC2 ed 05 controller
• payload 6 Kg
• h-reach 1611 mm
• repeatability +- 0.06 mm
• welding Fronius TPS 4000 generator



• Welding Mig-Mag


KUKA KR6 anthropomorphic robot is a small and compact robot ideal to be applied in arc welding cells: it has a maximum range of action of 1611 mm and thanks to its small footprint it is able to reach all the points to be welded without effort.

KUKA KR6 anthropomorphic robot is equipped with one of the best Fronius TPS 4000 welding generators. The TPS range guarantees absolute reliability, excellent arc stability and 100 customizable work programs. The trigger process is programmable in different variants, in the standard one the size and quality of the wire calibrate the trigger parameters and a final current pulse determines the melting of the drops thus avoiding the unwanted appearance of balls.


Fronius TPS 4000 welding generator is so qualitative that the addition of a single drop on the material allows you to work without the unwanted spray effect and thanks to a lower frequency pulse the appearance of the welding wire is perfect as in the tig.


Robots are selected with a few hours of work, checked and regenerated like new, supplied with warranty. The anthropomorphic robots used are customized by us with gripping hands of various types and incorporated into robotic cells designed and built by us up to the turnkey solution. We provide technical assistance with repairs, supply spare parts and offer training courses on how to use and program industrial robots.

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